Thursday, 29 October 2009

Hourly Photo Shoot!

I so enjoyed doing this today, I think I may make it a regular feature :)
Every hour or so I took a moment to capture where I was and what I was looking at or doing....
Shopping this morning I treated myself to a splash of colourful chrysanthemum-potted so it will last a while I hope,and just gorgeous in a nice big pot on the floor here...
My doodle-lady on the phone pad....my daughter left her pen box by the phone and I was on hold for quite a while!
Took time out this morning to carve a pumpkin ready for the weekend :)
Oh my Tassimo how I love thee!!!
Commissioned piece in progress....
Works in progress....


Just in time to get you in the Halloween mood! A film clip from a new movie just released that was written by a close friend of mine, so I wanted to share!
I was lucky enough to get an invitation for the private screening last week, amazing! A just reward for many years of hard work and utter dedication....
Am so proud for you Julianne!


It's been a while ....

Ah, my poor blog , sorely neglected this week,how I have missed you! This is a new painting currently available for sale in my etsy store HERE LOADS of new lines and goodies on the horizon here people-bear with me a little longer and I will share them all with you very soon!
Thanks so much for stopping by!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Halloween Party Winner!

Just sharing-she won first prize in her Corpse Bride outfit! Sometimes it pays to have a mum who is a textile artist-for those who would like to know, an old sheet was tea-dyed,scrawled on with oil pastels and charcoal,torn into shape,with trails at the back and stitched with chunks of dress net over the top . The veil is on a re-purposed plastic alice band using silk chiffon and one of my own handmade flowers, created to look especially tattered and scraggy and dyed grey on tips of the petals. Top it off with white net gloves ( model's own!),a few strings of pearls and a heap of attitude and you have winning combo!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

HEARTS SERIES-new additions!

This is another in my latest new series-entitled 'BELIEVE' this piece measure 5" square on block gallery-wrapped canvas and is currently available for sale in my ebay store CLICK HERE TO VISIT THERE NOW!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

HEARTS SERIES-new additions!

This gorgeously cheerful and inspirational painting is entitled 'DREAM' and is part of my new HEARTS SERIES.

This piece measures 5" x 5" x 1+ 1/2" and richly glazed with a gloss artist's varnish to seal and protect.

Sides are fully painted in funky black and white stripes as part of the work ( no need for frames!)

A truly quirky and appealing painting which would look adorable with any decor.
A very attractive addition to your own or a loved one's art collection.
Please do check out my other listings for further works in this fun new series of works! I will be delighted to combine postage if you would like more than one of these pieces-several hung together make a great cheery set!
~ Commissions are also welcome! ~

Signed and dated on the reverse.
Currently available for sale HERE!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Latest Painting...

Part of a commissioned series this is one of my latest pieces, created on 10" x 10" block gallery wrapped canvas in mixed media.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Also must mention my giveaway for October-leave me a comment either here or on my facebook page ( details on the right of my blog here,click on the widget to go straight to my facebook page)and get a free entry into my giveaway-winner will be drawn at random at the end of this month-that's all you gotta do and a beautiful flower pin handmade by me could be all yours!( it really is free-I will also pay postage to where ever you are!)


Mixed media on block gallery wrapped canvas 10" x 10". Better photos and listing details to follow shortly-(available for sale). Super-calm and relaxing piece, ideal to grace and wall and decor style.

Friday, 9 October 2009


These were rescued from some signage! I inherited these letters from a thoughtful friend- much silliness was had as there were a bunch of them...enough to make many,occasionally unladylike, words and phrases :)
Anyways, I ,of course just had to do something exciting with these three letters....painted up and attached to a beautiful piece of driftwood which had been waiting for a special project, these rescued letters now adorn a corner of my studio rather beautifully-if I do say so myself-I'm so glad they didn't end up in a bin!!Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Just for fun.....

So there I was being all clever whilst waiting for the girls to finish riding earlier and playing with the timer on my camera,balancing it carefully on the roof of my car and really trying to get just ONE nice shot for my profile pic....seriously, could I have given myself a more stupid hat for this mean and moody pose?!!

I had to share it-I hope I'm not the only one who manages photos like these....
Oh yes, and whilst speaking of cock-ups, I must apologise to those of you who subscribe to my updates via the feedblitz service ( see form on the right of my blog here-if you don't subscribe yet then do give it a try,my blog updates will come right to your inbox, it's so easy!!!)I updated my newsletter appearance and a HUGE pic was on yesterday's update-you will see now that I have put it right and now have a nice neat logo pic at the top of your update mail :) Oops-Sorry about that,please don't be alarmed that I might slow up your inbox with anything that big again....

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Commission Complete....

Finito!.....HOWEVER we have decided that the colours are a little overwhelming for a series of three, so this piece will now be made available for sale shortly, it has had so much attention already, so please do watch this space for further details....

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Work in Progress....

This is my latest commissioned piece, just a few of my 'in progress' shots to share with you today!
This is a large piece and to be created as part of a series of three to be hung together, so quite challenging, but I am so very pleased with the results so far!
Final images wil be posted here tomorrow, so hopefully I have piqued your curiosity enough that you will want to return and see the fruits of my labours in full glory!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Gorgeous photos.....

Had to lie down for this one-I'm not so good with heights and notoriously clumsy-one stumble would be curtains for me here, but what a view!
How beautiful are these colours?!

I just wanted to share these lovely images,taken at the end of August whilst walking up over the clifftops at St Agnes, close to my studio/workshop. It was a tough walk, and it did actually rain a bit too, but wow!-were the views worth it!
I only had my phone for these so they are not best quality, but I hope to get back up there soon as we are having the most wonderful dry autumn and really capture some great shots!

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