Monday, 29 October 2007

Fashion Drawing

Taking a sidestep here from mixed media work, I return to some of my previous roots in fashion and figure drawing.I was lucky enough last week to attend a drop-in figure drawing class run by a fabulously enthusiastic local artist which was brilliantly inspiring and I produced a large amount of lively works during the short 2 hours that we were there. I will be posting some of those to my blog here shortly,(I have yet to upload them!)
This work,however is rendered using ink and brush,worked on A3 paper (apprx 16" x 12") on ultra smooth white cartridge paper. I love the smooth,lively and bold effect of ink and brush work,but this definitely needs to be attempted on a 'confident' day, as it is also very unforgiving but highly enjoyable all the same!
This piece is available for sale HERE.

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