Monday, 28 January 2008

Driftwood Inspirations!

Leaving the Princess of Swords lurking in the corner today,I thought i should get round to a photo of these wonderful driftwood finds that I have been drying out. I found the triangular frame shape on last Boxing Day (it took some catching as it was floating in a pool at the time,but I couldn't let such terrific potential pass me by and it was well worth the wet gloves and armaches-not to mention bemused glances-when I carried it all the way back! )and my lovely daughter found the other piece-she seems to have inherited my fascinations with found items when out walking,and at eight years old shows an impressive eye for such little treasures as this,she was so proud when she returned home and presented me with this one! It is wonderfuly worn and smooth so feels alive and warm to the touch. Both of these items are lurking in the hallway on the radiator to be sure they dry thoroughly and each time I pass by a new idea strikes,so watch this space!

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