Saturday, 16 May 2009

Work in Progress.....

This latest piece is entitled Vivid Spirit. It is shown here as a work in progress, as these posts are,I have been told, interesting to many of you-thanks!
The progress shots are not best quality as were taken on my phone ( I don't often keep the camera at my studio!),you will see one has been 'flipped' as I find this helps me to look at a piece more objectively part-way through and spot imbalances more easily ( I used to hold work at a mirror a few years ago,for the same reason,which could be so awkward- I love the ease of a pocket-size camera phone that now does it for me in an instant!) The final shot is a high quality version which reflects the piece quite well. Overall I am pleased at how this one turned out, and I really like the mixed of loose texture and finely added details layered together for a very hot and complex mix of colour.
This is a mixed media piece which includes inks,acrylic and oil pastel on wooden board, lightly glazed to protect and retain intensity of the layers of colour.

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Proud Member of WWAO
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