Friday, 26 June 2009

Pat the Cat!! !

We haven't had had a whole lot of girly-time lately due to one thing and another getting in the way, so I was delighted when my eldest daughter (18) elected to spend the day at my studio with me. It was an absolute pleasure to be in her company for the day and there was much giggling all round-always a healthy thing to do!
It has been months and months since she felt inclined to even pick up a pencil, but after a brief hesitation and some exploring of my supplies, she dived into the oil pastels ( "because they smell so good!") and came up with this ....I was so proud of her effort and I believe that she was amazed herself at how easily this came, but it has come home with us and will be taking pride of place in her room,so a good result. What a wonderful memento of a truly precious and special day-thank you Jacqui, for sharing your time with your Mum :) xxxx

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