Sunday, 22 August 2010

An afternoon of dyeing....

The summer ( such as we have had here! ) is drawing in...time to get my skates on and stock up on some new fabric supplies whilst it is still warm enough to spend hours working outdoors-fabric dyeing is definitely an outdoor pursuit for me, I'm SO messy! Had some great results today and I'm hoping to do some more tomorrow as well, as rain stopped play late this afternoon,I didn't want to risk blowing up my ancient dyeing microwave ( or myself!) running the electric supply outside in the wet!

I have two very curious cats (2 year-olds, brothers) - he is pointing out that I am NOT following these discarded instructions...but hey, I'm an artist, I like to push the boundaries!!

Photos of a few of latest colours and some in progress shots here-as you can see I took my gloves off a little soon ( I find it really hard to work in gloves, even the thin medical-type ones I use when dyeing) and clean forgot to put them back on. Guess I will have blue hands for a day or two...and a blue cheek also, not quite sure how I managed that, but am REALLY glad no one called round!!


artistamyjo said...

Oh dear makes me think years back,when hubby was still active duty in the AF. I ran to the commissary for some quick dinner stuff(covered in burnt umber oil stain) and met the new base commanders wife in the check out lane. She was lovely and I was a horrible mess !
Hugs, Amy

Sujati said...

Glad I'm not the only one who does these things Amy-I often answer the door with paint on my face-it's amazing how many people are just too polite to say!! :)

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