Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Traveller

As so often happens I became far too absorbed in the process to remember to take further 'in progress' shots!
Not to worry, here she is in all her glory-entitled 'The Traveller', she is bedecked with mementoes and collectibles from her journeying.
A flower is tucked into her hair and her wings are spread wide to catch the breeze. She stands on a field of delicate flowers,pausing to absorb the view and savour the adventure for just a few moments before flitting onto the next.... I hope you like her :)

The Traveller stands around 10" tall and her embellishments include hand dyed silk fibers, hand dyed fabrics and handmade beads, along with vintage jewellery parts, seaglass,wires and name but a few!
Availabe for sale in my store PLEASE CLICK HERE for more details!

Incidentally, if you look up the word 'nosey' in the dictionary there should be a picture of my kitten, Tamika, who, not to be outdone, made this photoshoot far trickier than it should have been by constantly parading past the lens with obvious jealousy!
She's such a mummy's girl!! :)


artistamyjo said...

love the traveler and being a true animal lover adore Tamika!
Hugs, Amy

Sujati said...

Ah, thanks for that Amy-and Princess Tamika says thank you too!! xx

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