Monday, 23 May 2011

So Fragile!

Had to share these gorgeous pics today-I rescued this little darling from the jaws of death ( in the shape of my kitten! ) yesterday. He wasn't injured at all, but sadly didn;t make it as he was simply too young and unable to fly, we guess he fell from the nest and the kitten picked him up.
I did my best, poor fellow and we were all sad to see he didn't make it. An artist friend of mine had already been in touch and asked to use my photos for a painting she would like to do-that will be extra special now after sharing a day of our lives with this fragile fledgling, I sure hope his brothers and sisters fare better! :)

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artistamyjo said...

Such tiny creatures. I always wonder how so many survive especially in the winter months.
Nature is a remarkable thing but sometimes sad too.
Hugs, Amy

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