Thursday, 17 November 2011

where to begin?!

I have completed moving in and have been busy this week making the most of the time in my new studio whilst awaiting re-connection to the internet-and now I don't know where to start! We will kick things off today with this one,TONS more goodies and art treats to follow - enjoy!

Available for sale now,beaded wire bracelet,handmade to fit standard 7 and 1/2" ( approx 19cm) wrist- £20 inc free UK postage-please let me know if you are interested,as this is not yet listed in my store( although I am working on that part later!!)


artistamyjo said...

Beautiful bracelet and welcome to your new home.
Hope the cats are happy .

Sujati said...

aw, bless you thank you Amy-the cats have been fantastic I am relieved to say! :) xxx Sue

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Proud Member of WWAO
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