Sunday, 26 January 2014

Talking to the animals... ;)

It's been a VERY wet January this year,with many ares flooding in Cornwall,UK.
( my heart goes out to those still trying to empty and repair their homes and businesses locally).
Luckily,we were not affected personally and even managed to escape the rain and get out and about most days since the start of 2014.
Even better than that,my beloved was also able to take time away from the crazy world he works in,so I stayed out of the studio for a few weeks this month and we packed in more than many people do in a year and made the very most of it all!

I never fail to be inspired and uplifted after spending time exploring woods and coastlands across this beautiful county,so this week I will share a few images of those precious times-even more special now, as reality bites and the memories feel bitter-sweet...to go from 24/7 together to 24/7 apart sure makes you appreciate every moment ! xx

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