Saturday, 4 April 2015

Upping Sticks

It's happening at last-I have found a gorgeous new home for my little boutique/workshop, so will be moving from Redruth back to my home town of Truro this very week. LOADS of painting and decorating to do,so much fun has been had picking design and colours ( and not much sleep inbetween as I chop and change things in my mind when I should be resting)....!
The new shop is in a darling little mews, 'Quay Mews', just off Quay Street in Truro and will be open very soon. I have a gorgeous workshop above it and so space to work properly and create all kinds of fabulousness to add to my stocks!
Photos to follow very soon,this is such a fantastic opportunity and a very exciting stage for my business, I can hardly believe it is really happening!

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