Saturday, 24 February 2007

Sketchbook Views

As an artist, one of the most important tools is your sketchbook! Some i have seen are neatly filed and organised,with a separate area for written notes,ideas and clippings.
MINE however is NOT neat,but that is just how I like it!
As much as I love to begin working in a fresh new sketchpad,I feel far more attuned to it once it has gained a collection of scribbles,staples,coffee rings etc-all the imprints of the experiences that my book and I have shared!
Here is my first post of a sketchpad view. I have added a soft pink frame to the photo, as I liked the 'faraway' look to her, but other than that,it is a simple photograph of my pencil drawing. This is definitely a piece I would like to take further,a very feminine character!
I will post here to share some of those pages of (sometimes smudged and often tattered) inspirations as an insight into my work as it evolves.....

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