Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sunset Painting in Progress....

This is a commissioned painting that I have been working on.I am not very good at remembering to take 'in progress' shots when I am working and envy those organised types that do so-it fascinates me to see how the layers build towards a finale,and I often regret that I don't record the stages better! ( * note to self-belated New Year Resolution, keep a better collection of 'in progress' shots!)
Anyways,here are the resulting,slightly erratic, stages that I committed to my camera during this painting.

Firstly,the basics colours and shapes are laid down to support the image that will be created.

Layers of hot colours are added gradually.

The base shades are softened with cool ocean tones.

Tones are again softened using misty whites and yellow tones.
The waves begin to look 'wet'.

When I think I'm done(!) -the sides are painted matt black so no frame will be necessary.

Finally-apologies for the poor photo quality at the end, I varnished the piece during a dark evening and took the final pictures, then it was delivered shortly after,so no time for good daylight shots to be taken!

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Trish Goodfield said...

I rarely remember the 'progress shots' either. Its a pain to take off the gloves and interupts my thought process.It's worth it though, you're shots really tell the story of development

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