Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tilly's First Commission

My daughter, Tilly's ( age 9) very first paid commissioned work!!
These are the 'roughs' so far. She has been so very hard at work and is loving the challenge so much,I'm so very proud! Well done Tilly!


Vicki-Sue Brotherhood said...

What a talented little girl, but then she has always worked so hard on her art even from being tiny. Good Luck Tilly, well done. xxx Vic x

John said...

Cedders - using his drizzler like a magic wand - has it that whilst "Zebra Crossing" [3] may warrant a point over "Discarded Swimwear" [1], he is convinced that the "Amoeba" piece [2] has the greatest potential for bold-colour expression in the manner of Kandinsky. Asked by this reporter what he thought of Tilly and her blogged roughs, he declared: "She's a honey; hope she doesn't rush the work in hand!" DewMonty.

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