Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Lady Amber

I just had to share this work with you-she is a commissioned work,so not available, but was just completed this week and I almost wish now I could keep her with me a little longer!
This is The Lady Amber. A fiber art doll,one of a kind around 13" tall in her (permanent) seated position. Textile work is a long and often fiddly process and I have had to put her aside at times to create other things,so the journey has been a couple of months from start to end, but I am pleased with the result!
Further 'in progress' shots can be seen HERE if you would like a more detailed view of her journey!

1 comment:

quiltchick said...

Lady Amber is exquisite Sujait. Whoever recieves her should be delighted!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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