Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Altered Block Set

The set posted below is now sold-but not to worry, I have just in time completed this lovely new set of five (5) altered art style collaged and painted wooden blocks.

The photos show selection of views, please click on the image to enlarge for a closer look-or visit the sale listing ( link below ) for more pics!

In a previous life these were traditional wooden children's building blocks.They vary in size,the largest being about 2" square.
Each block has been sanded, painted, collaged and decorated. Together they create an interactive sculpture which can be arranged in lots of ways either piled or flat,or to make the words 'FOLLOW YOUR DREAM', or simply displayed to show off your favourite sides!
Very effective! A totally original work this cannot be repeated and is strictly one of a kind. Ideal gift for a desk or shelf in an office or study, or perhaps a special corner in your own workroom or studio!
Currently available fore sale HERE!!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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