Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Art Class Update!

It's nearly Thursday again already so it's about time I shared my last work (21st feb) from the Thursday night drop-in drawing class. I usually post a few of my warm-up drawings alongside a completed sketch from a longer pose, but,well,they were rubbish so I'm not gonna share just in case someone comes along who hasn't seen this blog before it will scare them-I do try and look a bit professional.....:)

This one was ok in the end though-sometimes it just takes a bit longer to get going than others. There is one more class this week,then I will be left to my own devices for a while. Figure drawing is such a challenge when faced wiht a real person-I look forward to the next one. Even when the roughs are bad (like last week!) there is so much that one learns,it's a great buzz!
I will confess,the model was wearing a beautful silky red dress as shown, BUT it had a white pinstripe. With only 30 minutes to complete this pose, I used artistic licence and ignored the stripes!
Again,this is a fairly large piece of work (between A2 and A3) so will not fit the scanner,but it photographed ok,just a few shadows. Graphite,clear white candlewax,blue conte crayon and acrylic inks were used for this lively effect. Very wet thick paper and much scribbling and blobbing of stuff.
Good fun,messy,VERY refreshing and free!

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