Wednesday, 20 February 2008

I'm Back!

What a busy week!
We disappeared off for a few days to visit family over last weekend (my birthday)-much shopping was done by all-hence the quietness in my little blog-land here, but I'm back with a vengeance and have much to share,so I do hope you are ready dear readers!
I will start wiht these as they have been waitng for a while-I went to a drop in drawing class,the past two weeks-live model ALWAYS a major challenge for me,but here are the results from the 7th Feb.
I will post up last week's efforts tomorrow as they are far more exciting and experimental in technique,so these are just the beginning. I also have much and many new works of art to share,so the looks to be a hot week on Sujati's blog-I hope you love it!
If you can't wait,lots of new art listings have been added in my etsy store this week so please CLICK HERE to take a peek at the latest pieces!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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