Thursday, 7 February 2008

New Toys!!!

I have to share my latest acquisition today-I'm so pleased with these!These are Letraset Pro permanent marker pens. I have looked longingly at them and wanted to try for some time and finally got a small set as that was the cheapest way to get a range of reasonable shades. After playing with them for an hour I think it's safe to say I will be getting adding more shades to this little lot,they are LOVELY to use.
I was obviously hoping that they would be better than your average felt tip marker, but was not prepared for how beautifully they blend and glide on the paper.
They are double ended so large flat areas can be laid down quickly but the finest lines and delicate work can also be produced with ease. One of the best things I figured is such easy portability, no messy paints or risking breakages in my boxes of precious colour pencils when out and about,these can be slung in a bag and colourful sketches produced with great ease!
I have posted this little drawing here-it was just for fun, so not a perfect piece by any means, but the possibilities are clearly there for some interesting work and I was very pleased with this as a first trial!
It is half term next week so I will be taking them on some outings (weather permitting) and hopefully posting some more intersting results here soon!

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girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Thanks Sujati for offering this tidbit, I'll def. be checking those out for myself now that you've woo-ed me. :) Fun, fun, fun! ~Monica

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