Tuesday, 18 January 2011

And More Feathery Stuff...

This was a print made using my hand cut stamp and embellished with wax and paints.

I love the effect of these bold black prints over painted papers...

This is wonderful packing muslin that I have been saving for a special project,it has travelled all the way from India ( thank you Vicki-Sue) and was a perfect support for printing some funky feather designs on over the lovely stamps and scribbles-it also still smells slightly of nag champa-lush!

Here we go...
( free tip-nail polish is a terrible idea with acrylic-I do use gloves at times, but often forget,so now have nails in luscious pink with lumpy purple and black splotches-suffering for my art perhaps?!)

THIS I am really starting to really like! I feel new pieces of art blossoming in my mind already!
Some new things to share with you tomorrow-lots happening here!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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