Monday, 17 January 2011


This may just look like another sketchbook/studio photo collection, but it is definitely going somewhere as you will see over the next few days!
Like many artists I collect 'stuff' ( junk some might say) snippets and scraps that catch my eye and fill every corner of the studio.As an avid beachcomber, I have,along with an impressive array of shells,driftwood and pebbles, an extensive collection of feathers in my studio,stuffed into jars and pots or tucked in corners.
Lately,feathers are inspiring me to use them to create with.This is definitely just the beginning!

Ostrich feather,in gouache.

Ostrich feather using wax resist.

Gull Feathers found last weekend.

I cut myself a feather-inspired stamp in foam

Feather patterns using a heat tool in coloured waxes.


artistamyjo said...

Love the feathers.What a great idea,very creative.

Sujati said...

Thank you! I am really excited about creating some new designs from this project!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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