Monday, 31 January 2011


She is finished!
I am so proud to present this latest offering to you this morning.

Created using hand dyed and hand painted fabrics,gorgeous layers of cotton,lace and chiffon...

Her wings are made from hand dyed silk fibers and delicately layered with stitchery and hidden fine wires to hold their gorgeous tattered shape...

Her darling pointy bootees and fitted bodice are made from my feather printed fabric ( see previous posts) - it works beautifully with the woodland fairy feel I hoped to create!
And the fun bit for you now? She has no name! Please leave a comment here or on my facebook art page ( link on the right of this page) with your suggestions for the naming of this beautiful nymph-there will be a prize for the winner, announced at the end of this week!
AVAILABLE FOR SALE - please contact me for more details as I have not yet created a listing in my store... :)


Cori Lynn Berg said...

Mystical poetess... I feel she needs lute.. or perhaps the music she makes is simply in her own thoughts! ♪

Sujati said...

Thanks so much for that, I am loving all the ideas so far!

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Proud Member of WWAO
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